FundRebel Launches A New Fund




FundRebel Launches All-Access Tier 2 Regulation A+ Real Estate Investment Trust

NEW YORK, June 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- FundRebel LLC, the all-access real estate investment platform, has announced the opening of its flagship investment opportunity to the public. FundRebel is an SEC-qualified multi-fund investment platform under Tier 2 Regulation A+. The company provides opportunities for both accredited and non-accredited investors to purchase shares in REIT portfolios that prioritize dynamic investing with a focus on ease of entry, direct ownership, stability, security, and short-term liquidity. The inaugural fund, FundRebel Dean, extends an open invitation into an exclusive world so that every person can empower their own financial destiny.

"There are so few things that tether together inspiration and realization like real estate," said Mark Drachman, FundRebel CEO. "But until now, it's been a landscape where those who have dreams of getting in simply cannot. We're putting a stop to that once and for all."

FundRebel Dean is the inaugural investment opportunity, offering a diversified portfolio of commercial, industrial, and multi-family real estate projects designed to generate increased value and cash flow for investors. Shares are now available for purchase with a minimum $1000 investment until the $75 million target raise is met. Key features of FundRebel Dean include real ownership of shares that will become tradable on the secondary marketplace upon fund closure, no management fees, capital return with quarterly dividends and end-of-fund distributions, and a current 6% preferred return rate.

Detailed FundRebel Dean opportunity information and link to invest can be found at:

FundRebel offers an all-access investment platform that enables individuals to actively engage in institutional-grade real estate ownership opportunities. The company specializes in Tier 2 Regulation A+ offerings and is composed of a leadership team consisting of rule breakers, go-getters, changemakers, and bar raisers who are passionately committed to challenging norms and embracing potential. While perennially rooted in real estate, FundRebel is unapologetically driven to pioneer new pathways to industries and opportunities that didn't previously exist. Visit FundRebel's website: for more information and follow FundRebel on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Spotify.